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Congratulations on taking the first step in effective communication and planning for your successful future as a blended family.

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Effective communication and conversation begins with awareness...awareness of self, awareness of others, and awareness of our surroundings. This audio download will start you on the journey of self awareness through the use of a simple, though impactful, tool called a body scan.

 Without awareness of yourself...of your emotions and what they are doing to your body and the messages they are sending to you, you are ineffective as a communicator. The “herd” around you is distrustful because they sense this lack of awareness and self control and will react according to the emotions that are triggered within them. This can quickly escalate into total emotional chaos, the exact opposite of where we want to be when communicating with our children, spouses, coworkers, etc.

The body scan is an effective tool to bring you out of the whirlwind of distracting thoughts in your head and deepen your self awareness of physical and emotional sensations, the first step in effective communication.